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Two things destroy hoses: Sunlight & Salt Water. OUR DOCK HOSE SYSTEM PREVENTS THIS

Hose it. Hut it. Forget it!

Hose it Hut it.
Forget it!


In the USA

Multiple Global Patents

Designed & Assembled

In The USA


Easy To Use


Protect your hose from the elements with Hose Hut

Tired of dealing with messy and disorganized hoses on your dock?
Kick the clutter to the curb with Hose Hut’s marine hose system!

This stylish, space-saving design adds marine/boat hose protection from weather damage and wear. Crafted for lasting durability, it’s an investment that’ll save you hassle in the long run – so give yourself peace of mind by choosing Hose Hut’s marine hose system today!

Keep your marine/boat hose looking pristine with Hose Hut! Crafted with a stylish and minimalistic construction, this space-saving product provides top of the line protection against weather damage and wear. So why take chances when Mother Nature can be unpredictable? Invest in  durability that will last – choose Hose Hut’s marine hose today! No more messy hoses at the dock: it’s time to upgrade to a better boat washdown hose and storage solution.

*Salt Water Version


Keep the hose, remove the eye sore.

Hose Hut is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save space and enhance the appearance of their outdoor area. Our marine dock hose system has a sleek and compact design that reduces clutter and eliminates the mess of tangled and knotted hoses, allowing you to maximize the space in your outdoor area.

With Hose Hut’s dock hose system, you can keep your hose in pristine condition while still enjoying the convenience of having it within reach.

Upgrade to Hose Hut Today

Looking for a reliable way to protect and store your hose? Our marine hose is the ideal solution!

Crafted with durable, marine grade weather-resistant materials and designed to keep UV rays at bay, it offers maximum protection against wear and tear. This dock, marine, and boat hose is perfect for all outdoor aficionados – including boaters – who want their hoses in tip top shape despite any harsh conditions they may encounter!

This innovative marine hose product combines weatherproof construction with an eye-catching design for maximum durability even in extreme environments – perfect for boat owners looking to keep their hoses safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

This cutting-edge product boasts weather-resistant construction and an attractive design for unparalleled durability in even the harshest environments, making it the ideal solution for boat owners seeking to keep their hoses protected against the elements. Don’t tolerate a disorganized hose any longer, find the perfect marine, dock, or boat washdown hose at Hose Hut!