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unparalleled materials. unparalleled testing.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our systems include some of the best components on the market.


We spent two years testing different hoses, sprayers and connectors. We really needed to see what could stand up to real world use.  So, we found a few volunteers to drive heavy equipment over them. That’s how we decided to use a reinforced triple-layer latex inner hose for our Hose Hut® system.  It was the last one standing.

We knew we were making our patented containers durable, but we wanted to see if they could take the pressure. getting this shot was fun and took a little effort. But, we’re used to going the extra mile.


Hose Hut® Organizer

• Our Hose Hut® Organizer is made with the highest rating of UV Protection available.
• Keeps your equipment safe from the harsh, damaging sunlight, prolonging the life of your hose.
• Elevated feet designed with drain holes and can be used to secure the Hose Hut® to any surface.
• Compact design is less than 1 cubic foot.
• Lockable Lid for added security
• Compact design stores everything away. Eliminates unsightly, tangled hoses!
• Perfect for crowded docks and marinas to minimize tripping hazards.

100’ Expandable Hoses

• Triple-layered latex inner hose.
(Superior to a 1-ply PVC inner hose like other expandable hoses.)
• We use a metal compression crimp (swage) to connect our inner hose to the
solid brass hose barb.
(Big Box store hoses use a plastic ring to connect their inner hose to their
hose barb, which fail quickly.)
• 70% lighter than the traditional rubber hose.
• Rated for 200 psi.

Supply & Convenience Hoses

• Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel.
• Convenience hose designed for small, quick chores that do not require getting 100’ of hose out.
• 316 Stainless Steel hoses are kink, crush, and corrosion resistant.
• Manufactured for exclusively for Hose Hut® and cannot be bought from a Big Box store.

Ergo Nozzle Sprayer

• Thumb-controlled for easy use without trigger squeezing, convenient for people of all ability levels!
• Solid brass components
• Comfortable TPR grip.

Brass Y-Valve & Quick Connects

• Our solid brass Y-Valve and quick connectors are designed for all-weather applications and are ideal for use in tough saltwater environments. Whether installed at home, at the ranch or on the dock, our connections are engineered for endurance and reliability.

Brass Nozzle

• Made from solid brass, our traditional hose nozzle offers easy adjustment and is fitted with leak-proof o-rings to ensure a water-tight connection.

Multi-Function Garden Sprayer

• Designed for convenience, the ergonomic garden wand has 8 different easy-to-choose spray patterns.
• Water flow is easily adjusted with the integrated flow control knob.
• Locking feature enables easy watering for extended periods of time.
• Aluminum alloy shaft with durable plastic components ensures this tool will withstand the rigors of the most avid home gardeners.

High Grade Nozzle and Connector

• The rust-proof polymer construction means years of reliable use. Nozzle is adjustable from needle-stream to heavy rinse. O-rings ensure a leak-free water-tight connection.

Why Teflon Tape?

• We include a roll of Teflon tape with every order. Made of PTFE material, the tape ensures a tight seal between components and protects against damage and leakage. We believe in providing the very best materials to keep your Hose Hut® investment protected and easy-to-use for years to come.