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What Is Hose Hut?

Hose it. Hut it. Forget it!

Hose it Hut it.
Forget it!

Reasons to purchase the Hose Hut Hose Management System

Hose Hut’s 100 ft. expandable hose is specifically designed for the unique Hose Hut System.  A strengthened triple layered latex inner core, not a single 1-ply PVC, is what makes this expandable hose special, with an extra edge of durability and longevity.  The internal connection of the hose to the brass hose barb is made with a metal crimp.  This gives maximum protection against connection point failure.  These features are designed to eliminate the “soft spots” that cause other expandable hoses to fail.

Hose Hut uses 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel for both the supply hose and the convenience hose.  The Hose Hut components are designed to withstand harsh environmental exposures, such as sunlight and salt water.  If you are looking for a high-quality product with solid brass and corrosion resistant components, look no further than Hose Hut.     

The UV-resistant Hut is made with the highest grade of UV  protection.  Hose Hut’s sleek and compact design brings a pleasing, organized look to what is normally an unsightly mass of tangles, while providing the contents with UV protection. Hose Hut can be secured to a dock and the lid is ported for locking.  These features, along with the added benefit of hose storage, equals years of product durability and security.  

The Hose Hut team spent two years designing, testing, engineering, and retesting components. The result of this extensive process is a durable product that is superior to anything else on the market. Hose Hut is dedicated to being the best, highest quality hose management system on the market.

Hose Hut engaged focus groups in the marine, lawn, garden and landscape and RV industries in order to develop a user-friendly product of the highest quality. As one participant said, “Hose It. Hut It. Forget It!”